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Ordinary Office is Free Online Book that will “Answer” to all of your “Questions”. Ordinary Office includes Tons of How-To Guides that will enable you To do almost Anything. Aiming to provide the World’s Best How-To Guides to let you all Learn “More” with “Ease”.


John Daimary

Ordinary Office was Founded by  “Me – John Daimary” on 18th of November 2017, with the goal of creating top class tutorials with accurate Up-To Date Instructions. Originally Founded on 17th of November, Delayed due to an issue with Bluehost . An Update Delay.

I drew inspirations to start “Ordinary Office” after reading  “How-To Posts”. All the posts contained Detailed Instructions but I always found something to be missing. So I thought Of Creating My Own How-To site, to include everything Necessary.

Quality Check

All the Post’s are Hand Checked by Me. All The Post’s are revised Tik-Tok in order to prevent Misunderstandings and Confusions. You will find all my post’s to be interesting to Read and Learn. Covered Up with the latest Up-to Date Photograph’s to ensure Ease of Learning.


Images – All the images here, Few are made by Me, While most are From Pexels. That is pexels.com . Under the License CC0.

John Daimary

Contents – All the contents, As Expected. It’s All been written by me and only me. My imaginations , My Knowledge and my Style,.


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