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John DaimaryOrdinary Office is a free online book that teaches you How-to do anything. You will be fascinated by all the tutorials that I have to offer. Including WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Business, PicsArt, Search Engine Optimization etc.



John DaimaryI always say this and i will keep saying it. After all. I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, wearing a yellow helmet and building Buildings, Cars, Airplanes, Helicopters, and sometimes even a Rocket too.

I used to break all of my toys and disassemble every single part. This habit was with me right from my birth. Later, what i did with those parts is that. I would try to build my own Car using some cardboard boxes and like Tapes and Glues and etc. Even in the TV, i used to always watch Discovery Channel, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science etc. No movies what so ever.

Now the main question is: Where and How did i get the idea of Blogging?

This was really a very tough decision for me as i lost my education at the age of 13. All this was because we couldn’t pay the fees. I was been seperated with my friends and my home too. It’s a very long and a painful story.

I always used to get hurt when i would see other peoples going to school. Everytime i would see a school bus, I would always turn my back and try to move as as far as possible. I still do the same. I remember when i was 14, the time when i bought my first smartphone. Probably, not the most expensive one. And this is where it all started.

I used to read a lot of posts on Technology, Reviews and most of the time I would read posts about Ways to make money online. I am sure you know the reason.

One fine day,! I was like, How do they make a website? And that’s when i started to google about Websites and Blogs. Later, I came to know about WordPress. The dot com probably. I thought of giving it a try, and then i signed up and created my first blog in the same year 2014.

Later i built this blog Ordinary Office. So the date was 17th of November, in the year 2017.

Quality Check

All the Post’s are Hand Checked by Me. All The Post’s are revised Tik-Tok in order to prevent Misunderstandings and Confusions. You will find all my post’s to be interesting to Read and Learn. Covered Up with the latest Up-to Date Photograph’s to ensure Ease of Learning.


My goal is to provide you the best and the most updated content possible. I know it’s hard to, and i know the value of hard work too.

Let’s make it clear. How many tutorial sites are here in the internet? 100?, 1000?, Or maybe 10,000?. Now tell me, how many sites have you found with a content like mine? None!

I prepare on and on and i check and recheck my each and every single post before publishing. My posts will help you learn everything with ease. Without paying anything.


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Images: All the images here, Few are made by me, While most are from Pexels. That is . Under the License CC0.

Contents: As expected. All the tutorials, all the posts and all the contents are all hand written by me myself. Copyrighted be me.

John Daimary

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