Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Hello there! This is Daimary john and in this post, difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. I’m gonna be comparing between the 2 blogging giants.

I am sure all are confused between these two blogging platforms: wordpress.com and worpPress.org.

So both are WordPress, both looks and works just the same way. But they really have a lot in difference. Let me compare them both deeply so that you can clarify all of your doubts.

1. Hosting

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Above all, the key difference between the two is without doubt “Hosting”. This is the reason why (.com) is kinda like free. It’s not like (.org) isn’t. But both the free versions are totally different. (.com) is already up on the cloud while the free version of (.org) is on the local side (In your PC).

(.com) comes with a lot of packages to meet your needs. And they do cost huge. (.org) is also almost the same but one cannot buy anything directly from (.org). You will have to buy a hosting server from other brands like Bluehost and then install WP on your Domain. In simple short answer:

(.com) is pre-hosted while (.org) is self hosted.

2. Capabilities

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Seriously! A blog is useless if you cannot control it. (.com) is seriously very restricted. In order to even edit your theme or plugin, you will have to get the “Premium plan”. Not to forget. It will cost you up to around ₹ 7,000! That does look very reasonable. But my friend, the free version of (.org) already comes packed with all the goodies.

There’s more. One cannot upload or edit a theme on the free version of (.com). But on the (.org), you can. And most importantly, there are no WP ads on the (.org) be it free or paid. Unlike (.com), where WP advertises on your blog and pays you none and you cannot even disable it. You will have to upgrade to at least the ” Personal Plan”.

3. Monetization

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Back to business. It’s always great to earn through your hobbies. With the free (.com) blog, you cannot add your own Ads. Again, you will need at least the “Premium plan”. That’s not only it. WordPress(.com) does not clarify if how much Ads you can actually add to your blog.

But on the other hand, we have (.org). Even with the smallest hosting package, you have seriously no limit on monetization. Do what you love, add as much as Ads you want.

4. Server options

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

It’s like buying a new home.

On the (.com) you cannot select the type of server for your blog. Don’t really know if (.com) uses Cloud Server or a Shared Server as default. You cannot control your blog’s performance, neither can you control your server. Seriously Nothing.

There are plenty of options for (.org) blogs. Bluehost has covered up everything here. You get options like Shared, Cloud, VPS, or even a Dedicated Server! That’s not only it, you also get the option for Optimized package. It comes packed with SiteLock, Codeguard, SSL Certificate etc.

5. Cost, Now here to the main point

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Cost ,Cost ,Cost! Kharcha! Kharcha! aur Kharcha!

(.com) costs a big Villa! I mean, just look at the prices, you cannot even pay monthly. You will have to pay all at once. For the biggest package, it will cost you around ₹ 20,000!

(.org) is really cheap to start in all the possible way and it’s much more practical then (.com). Bluehost will always continue to be the best Hosting service provider around.

And what about WordPress VIP? Did i forget that? I mean, seriously? $ 5,000 a month? LOL !

Now you decide, which should you choose?