Google Blogger vs WordPress

Hello! Dear readers.. Welcome to my blog,. Here it is, A small, yet valuable differentiation between WordPress and Blogger. Well actually, you already know who actually is the king.  So in order to make the comparison Fair, I have chosen to put in a battle against Google Blogger. Kicking out.! I will go straight forward and pick up some common key differences between the two. So here we go “Google Blogger vs WordPress”.

1. Cost

Google Blogger vs WordPress

Jumping straight with the price. They both are available for free to use and  they both charge additional, for additional upgrades. They both charge extra for Domain and they both come included with a Sub domain. But here’s the thing, Blogger comes with just 1 GB of storage while WP provides 3 GB of storage!

So both are free, but the way how they differ and where they focus is totally different. Blogger focuses towards Basic Bloggers – No Customization, Super Basic Design, Ultra Limitations. While the other is on the opposite .

2. Usability

Google Blogger vs WordPress

WordPress has around, no not around. Hundreds of cool free Superb Themes that are really easy to use. No Coding required.

When it comes to editor. Google is like timeless. everything on the Blogger is Super Basic. But on one place where Blogger shines is without doubt “Reliability” . Aha. It’s not like WP isn’t. But when comparing the two, One has to be chosen. Oops by the way i was talking about “Text Editor”.

3. Capabilities

Google Blogger vs WordPress

I think i should have actually pointed towards “Monetization”. Speaking of monetization, both Blogger and WP allows you to monetize your blog directly through their dedicated Ad Network. That is through Adsense and WordAds .

In order to monetize your Google Blog, One has to be at least 18 years or above and has to be active for at least 6 months. For WP users, A premium package must be purchased,. So it’s like “Pay Before you Earn”.