Google Search Console Chapter 1: What Is Google Search Console

Google Search Console Analytics

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, Google Search Console Analytics. Here you will learn about all types of Analytics available on Search Console.

There are like 3 main types of Analytics available in Google Search Console. The first is Search Analytics, the second is Google Index Status and the third is Crawl Rates. All related to different topics and different categories. Let’s get to know more.

Search Analytics

Google Search Console Analytics
You can visit this section by clicking on “Search Traffic”. Here you will be capable of having a glance on your daily “Impressions”,“Clicks”, and you can also check and monitor all of your visitors activity. It’s just like, which device they use, all the keywords etc. What i mostly like about search console is that. You can actually see “How many views your Posts/Pages are actually achieving in the Search Results. Out of those impressions, you can also check out all the clicks. Above is an example of search Analytics .

Google Index

Google Search Console Analytics
And then we have the “Google Index”. As expected , it shows you the number of links that has been Indexed by Google.None are actually measured in real time. For this particular section. Expect anywhere around a week. A rough calculation here . So if you have submitted your Links to google, You will then be capable of viewing the results after like 1-2 weeks. But this is really a good tool.


Google Search Console Analytics
At last, We have the Crawl status. Here you can check the activity of Google bot itself! You can view the crawl rates based on a day, You can also check out other stuffs too. All mostly related to Google bot.

Well that’s all for now. I hope this post, Google Search Console Analytics were the one you were looking for. You can stay connected with me through my Facebook Page.

Image Source: Google Search Console


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