how does monetization work

How does monetization work?

Monetization is the best and the most effective way to make money online. Be it through your blog or even a YouTube channel. Oops! .. by the way i’m john and i’m gonna be sharing all that I know about monetization.

It’s a pretty basic formula. There actually are a lot of monetization principals. But the mains are these 3.

1. CPM

How Does Monetization Work

Cost Per Mille. Mille means thousand in Latin. So on the easy words. It’s just cost per 1000 views. So it’s a pretty basic concept. Advertisers will pay you around $1 for every 1000 views. That is roughly around 63 to 65.

Well in most often cases, these rates are not fixed. They vary due to many many factors. Mostly on the quality of your blog, amount of visitors per month, quality of your post’s, traffic sources etc.

2. CPC

How Does Monetization Work

Cost Per Click. This is all it is. Cost for every click. Usually when a visitor clicks on the Ad. Even this type of Ad does not have a fixed rate.

3. Affiliate

How Does Monetization Work
This also almost works the same as both above but in an even more serious manner. You won’t get paid for Ads, But for Customers. Which means, you’ll have to generate sales for Companies.

So if you sign up with say, Amazon Associates. Then you have the chance to receive anywhere around 2% – 12% for every sale that you generate. It’s just like an Ad. An Ad that is displayed on your blog. So now if i would click on that link or Ad, then i will be transferred to Amazon’s website! So now if i buy a product then you will be receiving commissions.