How To Build A Blog (Cloud Host) Bluehost India

How to build a blog (Cloud Host) Bluehost India

Hello everybody. John here. Building a blog on WordPress is easy. Building on Cloud host is even more. The key difference with localhost is that, Cloud host offers more flexibility and Control over your blog. I would heartily recommend you to get started with Bluehost. That is the best web hosting providers around. Well, here’s a guide for all the newbies, starting and or building their first blog.
Actually, every video and or article that you will find on this topic are all based on “”. I’ve seen a lot of videos with the title “How to build a WordPress blog in India with Bluehost”. But my friend, The purchases are all made in “Dollars” and even the site is built through the international version of Bluehost.
Here in India, we have Now this is seriously very different. Every single interface, cPanel, Hosting and almost everything else. Now that’s the reason why i write How-To guides. Follow the steps below to successfully install WP through So here are the steps for How to build a WordPress org cloud host blog through

1. Buy a hosting package

How To Build A Cloud host Blog

This is obviously your first step. In order to host WordPress, You are going to need a “Server”. That is what a hosting plan is. Try getting the Cloud Package.

2. Buy a Domain

How To Build A Blog (Cloud Host) Bluehost India
Domain actually comes included with “Shared” and “Optimized” Packages. Other packs will encourage you to purchase additionally. Man, It’s not going to cost you an Elephant. For a year of registration, you will just have to pay ₹749.

3. Installing WordPress

How To Build A Blog (Cloud Host) Bluehost India
Now the main part. Don’t you dare think it’s like the one you saw in YouTube. It’s true that you can install WP with just a click. But connecting your “Domain” with your “Server” isn’t. /here i have broken the whole process down into 2 sections:

Section #1 – Connecting Domain to your Server

How To Build A Cloud host Blog
(1). Visit And sign in to your hosting account.
(2). Now Click on Manage Orders>List/Search Orders>Your Domain Name
(3). Now you will get to see the inside of your Account. Scroll down to your Hosting Package. If you have purchased Cloud server like mine, Just scroll at the bottom of the page.
(4).Under the section “DNS Management”, Click on “Name Server Details” and Copy the first 2 Codes.
(5).Now scroll back to the top of the page at the “Domain Registration” Section.
(6).Click on “Name Servers” and paste the ”Code” in the first 2 Sections.
(7). Click on Update Name Servers. Done

Section #2-Installing WP

How To Build A Cloud host Blog
Now you need to log into your cPanel in order to install WP.
(1). Under your Hosting Package, Click on “Manage Hosting”. A new Window appears. That is your cPanel .
(2). Scroll down till you see “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click on WordPress.
(3). Now click on install and carry on with the process.

Note – Don’t forget to change your USERNAME. Also try to install WP without the www .

4. Logging In

How To Build A Blog (Cloud Host) Bluehost India
So now you have successfully installed WP on your Domain. It’s now time to Log into your Admin Area. You can do this by adding /wp-admin at the end of your Domain and hit GO.

This process might be only for the Multi site hosting package like mine. Other packages might vary. If yes? Immediately contact Bluehost and they will guide you with the installation process.