How To Choose A Strong Password

How to choose a strong password?

Hello all. This is John Here. I know this to be a basic post but still i wrote it.. LOL. This post will walk you through creating a strong and secured password for yourself. Hence, How to choose a strong password. 

For a rough example, let my phone number be: 12345-67890 and my name: John Daimary.

1. No Names and Phone Numbers

How To Choose A Strong Password

It has to be it. The most majority of peoples here on earth chooses either their Names or Numbers as their Password. Or the names of their Loved Ones. This is why it’s very easy for hackers to guess “What Exactly Is the Password?”

Make sure to choose something or a word that is totally unknown by the ones who are known to you. Try using both words and numbers altogether to create a good bond.

2. Use special characters and mix em all up!

How To Choose A Strong Password

It’s not like you cannot use your names. Yes you can! But ,,Try mixing it all up with your phone numbers and also try to add some special characters. This way , not only can you use your password the way you wish to, but you can also secure your account successfully. Above is an example of a very strong password.

This @ is now being very common. Try using ~, ! , # and even <> and also * . If you mix them all up. Nobody will ever be capable of guessing your password.