How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Advertisement

How to earn money through affiliate advertisement?

Hi there! this is Daimary John and in this post, we will be talking about, How to make money through affiliate advertisement?

It’s not really that easy to earn money through affiliate Ad. No matter how popular your site may be, but without any “Sales”, you have seriously no chance to make any money.

Well according to my research, Affiliates work great with “Review sites”. Here are a few tips to help you increase your income through affiliate Ads.

1. Pay attention

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Advertisement
The only way to grow is to focus on everything that you do. As all blogs are different, so are Posts and Pages.

So if you have a “Lifestyle” based blog, Why would your audience want to buy a “MotherBoard”? If your blog is focused towards “I.T.” and your Ads head towards “Medicines” or some sort of “Supplements”, will it really make any sense.

2. Selection process

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Advertisement
Try picking those Ads that would match your blog’s contents. Say for example: A blog based on Apple product reviews, don’t you think Ads based on an “iPhone” would work?

Amazon Associates would be the best to get started.
Location: Ad placement also has a deep connection with your audience. Affiliates should never actually be on the “Pop-Ups”.

Affiliates are mostly welcomed on the post itself. That’s the place where Ads just work great.

3. Income process

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Advertisement
One more place very important to focus is on “Commission”.

Amazon Associates are based on products. So it’s pretty good to receive 2%-12% in commission. If that’s less, consider this: Bluehost is the best web hosting providers around. Why not let others know about this?

I seriously believe Bluehost to work differently in other countries. Here in India, Bluehost pays a flat ₹4,000 for every sale! That’s huge! So if you can generate even 10 sales a month, you make ₹40,000.

4. Payment schedule

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Advertisement
Bluehost does pay huge, but they are really very slow in payment. This is primarily because of their Money back policy.

You won’t be receiving your earnings monthly. Not even in 2 months.You will get paid 55 days later your earnings. In a rough calculation. Bluehost makes payment for every ₹10,000. So if you have made ₹10,000 in January, you will get paid on the 25th of March!

Update: There is no longer an affiliate in the Sad news. But you can still sign up for