How To Have Unlimited Storage For Your Blog

How to have unlimited storage for your blog? comes with free 3GB of storage. After upgrading your blog to Business plan, you have unlimited storage! But hey? it costs a gigantic ₹20,000 for a whole year and you don’t even get the option to pay for it monthly. But the actual question is, Is it really unlimited? Or does it have a hidden limit? Is it unlimited too? LOL, silly questions. As for most bloggers, even 1GB is super sufficient unless you’re planning to upload Videos. It becomes even more important because in today’s date, The trend is 4K.!

Here i have 2 basic tips that you can try to have something as “Unlimited”.

1. Cloud Server

How To Have Unlimited Storage For Your Blog

If you plan for It’s better to go for Bluehost Cloud Server. You are gonna have both your “Storage” and your “Bandwidth” Un-metered. Simply say it’s totally unlimited. These are both very crucial for mainly “Viral” Posts. And even the cost is so cheap. The top class Cloud Indian Server would just cost you ₹1619 p.m. if you plan to pay monthly.

It also comes fully loaded with 6 GB of RAM plus 6 cores of processor. I see no data limits and or calculations on my blog, mine is cloud server too.

2. Cloud Drive

How To Have Unlimited Storage For Your Blog
You get free 15 Gigs from Google. Why not use those? And if you need more, you can expand it all the way upto 30 TB!

This will be really very useful for Video Blogs. Personally, I don’t really believe if this would ever work,.LOL . I haven’t tried it yet HAHA..

But hey? here’s a thing – “YouTube”. This would work 200% Perfectly. YouTube is seriously infinite in terms of storage. So just upload videos on YouTube and add the link in your blog . That’s it.