How To Make A Blog

How to make a Blog?

Hello there! This is Daimary john and in this post, I’m gonna be teaching you “How to make a Blog”?.

In this age of internet, you can easily and instantly build yourself a super Blog. It’s just a matter of “Minutes”. The only problem would be is to choose the right “Blogging Platform”. Don’t worry, I will differentiate all in this post and I will also guide you through what it needs to create a Blog?.

1. Choosing a topic

How To Make A Blog

This is going to be your primary need. Without a topic, you can do nothing. You’ll have to upload post’s periodically. That’s how you are going to have your “Audience” and a successful “Blog”.

There are no restrictions on what you can write. You can choose to blog on Cooking, Music, Dance, Architecture, Travel and pretty much everything.

Most successful Blogs are based on Magazines, News, Reviews etc. These types of blogs require the most work. They also have to be up-to date and always have to upload posts in time, or else they will loose their valuable audience. Just make sure to choose a topic, where you can firmly stick to it.

2. Choosing a blogging platform

How To Make A Blog

After you have figured out on what to blog on, Now it’s time to buy a home. Choosing one should always be according to one’s need. Let us differentiate all in detail:

(a). Google Blogger

As the name suggests . It is developed by Google. It primarily focuses on Bloggers. By the word “Bloggers” i mean to say only Bloggers. It is suited only for Bloggers only.
Good’s: Free to use, 1 GB Website space, Free Sub domain, Easy to use, No hosting required, Ability to directly monetize through Google Adsense etc.

Bad’s: Super basic, Very limited, Monetization only through Adsense, Indians need to wait for their site to be at least 6 months old in order to start monetization.

(b). Wix

Nothing much to say about Wix. Wix has already impressed me with its professional Drag & Drop feature. It’s really very easy to use .

Good’s: Free to use, Superb customization, Drag and Drop capability, Suitable for photographers and Company Websites.

Bad’s: Limited Space, Only 20 GB storage space, Cannot extend according to one’s need and limited monetization.


Very nice interface. WordPress has always been known for quality blogging. WordPress fits for all types of Blogging needs and with it’s new update, now one can upload his/her own theme directly through their blog and the ability to enhance your blog’s performance through additional Plugins.

Good’s: Free to use, Comes with 3 GB of free storage space, Comes with Sub domain, Huge collection of free themes, Dedicated Apps for all OS’s, and SEO friendly.

Bad’s: Limited Monetization, No monetization on free Version, WordPress displays unwanted Ads on your blog without giving you a share, WordPress VIP way too expensive, No theme or plugin editor on the free version.


This is 100% free to use . Very nice and powerful blogging experience . Perfect for SEO.

Good’s: Theme editor, Plugin editor, SEO friendly, Powerful E-commerce solution, Ability to monetize in a Freehold manner.

Bad’s: Requires self hosting, Does not come with a Sub domain, No support service, No E-mail and live chat support.

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3. Designing your blog

How To Make A Blog

Now that you have chosen your blogging service, it’s now time to design your Blog. All that you have to do is give it a first class look. Visit some stock sites and buy some truly attractive photos and videos. Don’t forget to buy the best. Or you can click your own photos using a high quality DSLR camera.

No need to be in a rush. Customization should always be done in a peaceful manner.

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4. Uploading your first content

How To Make A Blog

Now its time for you to upload your first content so that people may know what exactly is your blog about. But before that, make sure to check, check, and recheck for any kind of flaws and mistakes. You can also try asking for help from your friends too.