How To Make A PAN Card

How to make a PAN Card in INDIA?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to make a PAN card? I will guide you through the complete process of making yourself a PAN Card.

You know? It’s actually very easy to apply and or make a PAN Card. I Believe, you don’t really need a guide for this. But hey? If you are new to this, you have just came to the right place. Just follow the steps below in order to learn how to make a PAN Card.

1. Get all the Documents

How To Make A PAN Card
First things First. Needs.!
You will need a “Proof” to Prove your Age, ID and your Residence. You can use all the legal Government documents such as Driver’s License, Aadhar Card, voter ID etc. So if you don’t have any of these, don’t worry. A Certificate signed by a Gazetted Officer would work just fine.

It was a newspaper store where I made mine. I had to pay ₹250 for PAN itself and as I had only a Birth Certificate, so i had to pay extra ₹100 for the Gazetted Officer’s Certificate. So in total I had to pay ₹350.

If you visit Government Approved offices, you will just have to pay ₹110. And yeah, you will also need 2 recent Passport Sized Photographs.

2. Have Patience

How To Make A PAN Card
Why have patience? Man? My PAN was supposed to be delivered within 22 Days. But it took a whole 41 days in total! Don’t know what really was the reason.

You will receive an Acknowledgement after your application has been accepted. By using this Acknowledgement, you can also track the status of your Application.

UPDATE: Nowadays you can also apply online for a PAN Card by visiting this link PAN Card