How To Make A Vlog

How to make a Vlog?

Vlogging is all about “Video Blogging”. A Blog that is more focused towards “Videos”. Nowadays a Vlog can be created by almost anyone and for any reason.

YouTube would be the easiest to start with, as YouTube is the most commonly used Video site in the world. YouTube is 100% free to use and it’s interface is very easy to use too.

As YouTube has already done everything, all that you left to do is upload your videos. No need to worry about hosting or anything.

Below are the steps and procedure to help you build your very own Video Blog.

1. Determine your need

How To Make A Vlog

So the first step is to know why do you need a Vlog?

Before, Vlogs were used to share one’s experience, thoughts, likes, travels, etc. But now it’s much more focused towards making money through a Vlog. This is done through “Ads” and or monetization.

Apart from using your vlog for making money, or if you don’t really want to make money through your vlog, you can make a vlog for sharing all of your hobbies, likes, etc. Or you can also use a vlog to promote your business or your company.

2. Gather all your requirements

How To Make A Vlog

Once you’ve figured out you on what to vlog on. It’s now time to gear up!

Before you can film your videos, you are going to need a lot of things. Such as a Video Camera, Microphone, Costumes, Your crew, Video editing Softwares etc. You are also going to need your own Studio and you might also need some high quality Stock Images, Audios, and even Videos too! Buy all that you need from stock sites.

3. Choosing a vlogging service

How To Make A Vlog

This is the main part of your journey. You will need a place to upload your videos. There are so many places where you can upload your own videos for free. Such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. These are all free to use.

Or if you would like to have the entire site to be yours, consider this: WordPress. You can upload your own videos, you can monetize it the way you want, and most importantly, you will have full control over you Vlog!


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