how to make money as a freelancer online

How to make money as a freelancer online?

Hello Dear Readers. I am John Daimary. My this post will guide you through setting up your first Service online. Once Again, you cannot really make Lacs here. But it’s sufficient for a decent living. Actually the main process of making money is by selling your services only. That’s equal to selling your skills. This is done on sites like . There you can publish your services or hire someone if you need a service!

If you’re not sure how? Here’s how you can successfully start your first business.

1.Educate yourself as much as possible

how to make money as a freelancer online

All the services that you are about to sell. It would be great if you would know them Deeply.This way not only can you work with confidence but you can also have a higher scope of Success! If you ask me, I would advise you to start as a web developer. As this is currently the most popular demand ever. Or how about Photoshop?

2.Have good communications skills

how to make money as a freelancer online

Once a customer comes to you. You should be capable of communicating Fluently. That’s not only it. Your words should be easy for your customers to understand and you should also be capable of understanding your customer’s words too. You should also respect your every customers. This will make them come to you, First!

3.Do your best for ratings

how to make money as a freelancer online

Just what i mentioned earlier. Hardly 1 out of every 10 customers make a review. But when they do. They mean it! And this all , always gets counted on your Profile,.

Every time you visit Amazon or Flipkart, or be it the freelance sites. You will see a Product ratings section. Those are what defines quality.

4.Don’t forget : Price

how to make money as a freelancer online

How much do you really expect your services to be worth? Or, How much do you think people would pay you?

Lol…! Both are same questions. As a Beginner. Always try to set your price as low as possible. Try to stick with the competition.