How To Make Money on Ebay

How to make money on e-bay?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, I’ll be sharing this 2 best ways to make money on ebay.! Man?

There actually are a lot of posts on this topic. Some says this and some says that. And there actually are a lot of possible ways to generate money from ebay. But as usual, I pick only those that are reliable.

1. Selling Goods

How To Make Money on Ebay
Both “New” and “Used” goods can be sold here. But e-bay is actually known for selling used goods. You can do the same too.

You can sell your old Smartphone, TV, Refrigerators, or even Toys,! Or you can even disassemble the toy and then sell all the electronic components individually. Lol.. That wasn’t funny. Apart from Live Stocks, you can sell almost everything on ebay.

Or, what you can do is. Sell your own creations. Just like Glass Paintings, Arts, Crafts etc. All can be sold through ebay and there actually are “Customers” for all types of “Products”.

2. Affiliates

How To Make Money on EbayJust like Amazon Affiliates.

You will need an App or a Website for this. You will have to link products to your site and generate sales for ebay. Simple. And then, You’ll be receiving commissions for each sale. All the sale commissions can be found here. Do Remember, this is the indian version. Meaning . Commission Rates