How To Make Money on Twitch

How to make money on twitch?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to make money on twitch. I will be teaching you guyz how to make money by uploading your videos in twitch.

But before that. Let’s get to know what exactly is twitch? Well twitch is exactly like YouTube. But mainly focused towards Gaming, meaning only gaming videos. Yes that’s right, Gaming. So you can upload gameplays, walkthroughs, missions and you can also go Live!

But the question is, How to make money on twitch?

1. Monetization

How To Make Money on Twitch
Much like monetizing a Blog. It’s same and works the same way. But twitch is very difficult as there are already millions who are as same as you. So i would strongly recommend you to first build both your “Reputation” and your “Audience”.

So as far as money making on Twitch goes. I’ve seen most Gamers going Live. So you should try and do the same.

2. Donation

How To Make Money on Twitch
Or you can do the opposite to the 1st method. That is to not display Ads on your videos. That way you can ask for Donations, Supports from your viewers etc.


How To Make Money on TwitchThere actually are always alternatives. So even here, you can make additional income from like “Sponsors”. And it’s always your choice which you choose.

Before you start, make sure to watch other’s videos first. That way you can learn a lot of Goods and Knowledge’s from them.