How To Make Money On YouTube ?

Hi There ! This is John here with my new post on “ How To Make Money On YouTube” . This post will guide you through the process of making money on YouTube. As usual, making money on YouTube is always based on luck and creativity. Works get even more tougher as there are already thousands of YouTubers on the same category you planned for. So here’s ” How To Make Money On YouTube ” .

1. YouTube Account

How To Make Money On YouTube

This is obviously the first step in your business. You are going to need a YouTube Account in order to upload a video in YouTube. After creating an Account , don’t forget to add a totally beautiful profile picture (DP). And how about about some attractive Cover photos? Before you upload your videos make sure you read all the terms and agreements on YouTube.

2. Google Adsense

How To Make Money On YouTube

This is the second acc that you are gonna need. Google Adsense will display ads on your YouTube videos .And in return , they will pay you . So you can expect to get paid for every “Click” and for every “30 seconds” of ad views.

After opening an account . You will get a clear idea on how advertisement works. Yow will get tons of options such as types of ads, shapes, sizes etc. You will have full control on your ads through google Adsense account .

3. Quality Videos

How To Make Money On YouTube

 By Quality Videos , I don’t mean to say about how expensive your videos are or how much money you’ve invested on your videos. Neither do i mean about the “Resolution” of the video. What i mean is how much interesting your videos are , how nice your scripts are, how and where you’ve filmed at , how and which music you used , Lighting, Camera angles and of course “Editing” .

4. Enable Monetization

How To Make Money On YouTube

So now that you have a high quality video. It’s now time to monetize your videos so that you can start making money . Before you can start making money , you will first have to “Enable Monetization “ on your videos . Only then ads will be displayed on your videos.

Ads start before before your video , after your video and while the video is at play. While most of the ads are “Skip able” , some are not. It’s your choice which you choose.

Make sure you have at least 10,000 views in total for Monetization.


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5. Payment

How To Make Money On YouTube

Finally , after all the hard work , you deserve to get paid . You can choose your own payment method . You can choose to get paid either by “Cheque” or by “ Wire Transfer” . I would definitely suggest you to choose “ Wire Transfer” . Your revenue should be at least $100 (around ₹=6,500) in order to get paid. So if you haven’t made a $100 yet . you won’t get paid . Instead , your income will be carried over to the next month . Remember , your this month’s income , will be paid before the end of the next month.


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