How To Make Money Playing Video Games?

Hello again .. i’m John . John Daimary ..hehe Lol, here’s a quick look at some possible methods to make money as a “Gamer”. Or maybe by playing Video Games. Like i always say , making money or a living through doing what you love is Awesome. And making money by playing video games is now 100% possible. Look , for all those who say gaming is “Childness” ,. It’s actually really very difficult to play. Specially “Online” games .Be it FPS, or whatever it is . One is defined by his “Vision”, “Accuracy” and “Skill”.  There actually are a lot of possible ways to make money as a gamer.But i mostly pick those that are reliable. So here i’ve listed 2 highly profitable businesses for gamers. so lets start How To Make Money Playing Video Games .

1.- Tournaments

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

So on the number one is this: “Video Gaming Contests”. Much like a Football Tournament, it works the same way. You will have to compete with thousands of others. And when you can beat them , you’ll be “Awarded” with lot’s of Goodies and you’ll also be “Rewarded” too.

I haven’t really seen some high end Video Gaming Contests here in india, As of now. Mostly seen those with around 5000- 15,000 Rupees cash reward. You seriously cannot make a living with these.So one very fine way of searching for some high grade gaming contests is by visiting Video Game Developers – “Website” .Yes that’s true. Or you can directly visit their Official Facebook Fan Page. that’s it . They list all of their upcoming News and Events there.

2.- Vlogging

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

You can seriously make a great living by this method if you are a serious Gamer. There actually are a lot of tips and formulas that you can apply. You can review Video Games , You can also create Online Magazines , or you can upload your Gameplays, Walkthrough , Missions etc on Youtube. Or why not Go Live?

Twitch is directly dedicated to Gamers. Just Go Live here.

I mean to say “Live Streaming” .


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