How To Make Money With BlueHost

How to make money with Bluehost?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, how to make money with bluehost? I have listed these 2 best ways to make money with Bluehost. There are obviously a lot of possible ways. But I thought not to include them here.

1. Hosting Reseller

How To Make Money With BlueHost

When you purchase a hosting plan. It becomes yours. And if you have the budget to buy a Dedicated Server, you become the owner. And what you do with your server is all on your hands. You have complete “Root” access and you can modify it the way you want. You can also install additional softwares and you can also sell it back too!
You can sell your server space through WHCMS which you can directly buy it through Bluehost. And it also comes with cPanel pre installed. All You left to do is create the right hosting packages for your customers.

2. Affiliate

How To Make Money With BlueHost
All do know about this,. But the reason why i’m liking this is because it requires very little to no investments. All you need is a blog.
Here’s what you really need to do. Just link Bluehost to your blog. And wait. Wait and wait, “For Sale”.

Just at the moment when someone would make a purchase through your link. You get a flat 4,000 rupees in commission .Oh yeah!

You don’t have to create your own link or do anything tricky. Link and the Code will be provided by Bluehost. Just copy and paste man.!

UPDATE: has shut down all the Affiliate Partneships. Now if you want to be an Affiliate, you will have to sign up in the