How To Make Money With WordPress

How to make money with WordPress?

WordPress has always been a top class choice. Not only for blogging, but it can also be a great source of hope for business. Almost anyone can do business with WordPress. All you need is a brain full of ideas and a little bit of a cash.

Here I’ve listed 3 highly profitable businesses that you can start with WordPress. By the way i’m John and here’s how to make money with WordPress?

1. Plugins

How To Make Money With WordPress

So what is this? A Plugin is an add on for WordPress users to add a little extra functions to their site. It can be of any topic or any category. Be it for monetization, comments, stats, forum etc.

Well, most of the plugins are already available for free to use but they charge extra for extra features. Or should i say, additional features. Simply, A plugin contains both free and paid features. You can also do the same. You can create your own Plugin and start earning.

Before, Plugins were available for only (.org) users but now after a recent update, it’s now also available for (.com) Business plan users too. This surely is a great news for all, As the more people have access to plugins, you have more hope.!

2. Themes

How To Make Money With WordPress

This is going to be a little difficult as there are already thousands of premium themes available on the market.

But yeah , A mind full of ideas , Sees no difficulty. Lol …Don’t remember where i’ve heard that?

3. Blogging

How To Make Money With WordPress

This has to be it. I mean, this is why WordPress is so popular. You have endless possibilities through blogging.

You can write posts on engineering, entertainment, music, fashion and pretty much anything imaginable.

More on blogging here on this post, how to make money blogging? This will guide you completely through the whole process of making money through blogging.