How to Monetize your WordPress Blog

How to monetize your WordPress blog?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, how to monetize your WordPress blog? I will walk you through the process of monetizing your WP blog.

It is neither that tough nor that easy. Just a little bit of coding knowledge is required. Just a little, little means little. All you need to know is just a basic understanding of HTML.

1. Select an Ad Network

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog

You will first have to determine which Ad network is the right for you. All works the same way but are a little different in nature. You can read more here: How does monetization work?

2. Select the right type of Ad

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog

Your Ads must match the type of your contents. It’s even more important if you are planning for Adsense. Say for example: You know, a blog based on “Photography” won’t be suitable for a “Soya Sauce” Ad.

Ad format: Now it’s time to decide if you want your Ads to be “text” or an “image”. Both works the same way, but i would suggest you to go for Images.

Ad Size: You can also choose the size of your Ads. You can choose it to be Square, Rectangle etc.

3. Get the code

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog
After you have completed all of the above. You are gonna get a code. An HTML type of code. Just copy it and then paste in on your blog.

No need to be confused by any mean. Just follow me. So you can paste the code in your widget section. That is by selecting a “HTML” widget, and then just paste it there and save.

Or, what you can do is. On the editor section of your post or page, you will get to see 2 options, The first is “Visual” and the other is “Text”. The visual mode is the place where we all write something new. And then the text section allows us to add a little basic codes. So just paste it there. You are good to go! Picture above is an example of the code. Remember .! different companies provide different codes.

Those are all you need to do. Your ads should be visible within like 30 minutes. And you can also see all of your Ad views and earnings in your Ad Network Account.