How To Sell 3D Models Online

How to sell 3D models online?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and for this post, I’ve searched the whole internet to find all the possible ways for you to sell your 3D Models online.

It’s just a few 3D models that others would like to use it for their purpose. Not for free, but of course by paying you. And that’s what we want.

So here are all the possible ways to make money online as a 3D Modeller.

1. Unity Asset Store

How To Sell 3D Models Online
Man? You seriously won’t find any modeller or any developer who would not know about this.

For beginners, Unity 3D is a Game Engine that is used for developing high end Video Games. And there’s a place, usually a market known as “Unity Asset Store”. Once you visit there, you are gonna find a lot of 3D Models there. Some are free while most are paid. And yeah, you can set up your own mini store there.

2. Other model markets

How To Sell 3D Models Online
There are seriously tons of other markets out there. So many places to successfully sell your creations. Choosing one will always be upon your “Needs” and “Demands”. That is “Share”. Share of the sale price.

As Unity 3D pays a flat 70%, while others might pay you More or even Less.

3. Your own blog

How To Sell 3D Models OnlineBlog’s made using can extremely be pushed to it’s limits!
You can sell all through your blog and you can also keep all the shares on your own.

The only problem that you will be facing is “Sales” itself. As your market will be totally new, so it will be very difficult to sell even the First Model.