How To Sell Apps Online

How to sell apps online?

Hello all. This is John Daimary. Till now , I’ve published a total of 26 posts in the category Economics. It’s great, My this post will be the new in the line up.So, by the Title “ How to sell apps online? ” I’m sure you could guess the exact purpose of this post. So in order to sell your own apps, I hope this guide to work :

1. Education

How To Sell Apps Online

First things first. Even before you sell your app. You must first educate yourself enough to know all the benefits of all Programming Languages and All The OS’s. You should also know about all the differences between all the programming languages.Well, this post isn’t actually on “How to Build your own app”. But i believe i know why i said that.Look, i can understand all the differences between php, CSS, HTML etc. but when it comes to C++, I am like “A-B-C-D” ?””


Similarly, if you plan to SELL your app, I Seriously believe iOS to be the perfect place. All the apps which are available for free on Android devices are all heavily priced in the i market. ?But hey?? If people would even angry birds be paid?

2. Budget

How To Sell Apps Online


Before we actually talk about budgets. It’s even more important to know “If You Can Fund Your Business” !?

My blog currently eats around Rs. 4,000 in 3 months. It sure is a small amount. But the fact is that, I Haven’t actually made even Rs. 1 yet . I’m actually blogging in a small manner, which is why i require lesser Funding.

For this case, I would highly recommend you to ask your Father about businesses or you can also ask your relatives. They will tell you exact problems and Costs which just keeps increasing bit by bit.

3. Decision

How To Sell Apps Online

Now it’s time to decide for what we had actually discussed earlier. iOS and or Android? Hey wait, There’s even more. Who’s gonna talk about Windows and Mac? Hehe- Now we have 4 OSs.

Here’s my suggestion. “A Professional Advice” Lol.

Point number 1 : If you really plan to “Sell” your apps. Leave Android

Point number 2 : If you plan to “Monetize” your apps. Go for Android.

4. Sell

How To Sell Apps Online

Setting up the price for your app is also a major Decision to be made. Even if your app is a “Top Class Creation”, Overpricing it will kill it.

Here’s an easy way to solve this issue. Just visit all the stores and compare all the factors such as Quality, Price, Ratings, Reviews etc. This is how i actually gather information’s.