How To Sell Ebooks Online

How to sell ebooks online?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, I’m gonna be asking you straight if you are an “Author”?

Do you have the passion to write? Or do you want to make a living as an Author? I know it’s yes, LOL! Don’t worry man , i’ve got your back.

In this age of internet, it’s pretty easy to do almost anything. Even to sell ebooks with ease. Here i’ve written few tips and advices to help you sell your first ebook.

1. Be unique

How To Sell Ebooks Online

First things first. You will have to write contents which no other author has ever written.

Make sure to stay calm and cool. Staying peace of mind will help you to get that unique idea which will be the wall between Success and Failure.

2. Stay up-to date

How To Sell Ebooks Online

Both you and your ebook has to be fashionable. Both the “Way you write and “Where your ebook belongs to”. These are more commonly known as Categories. Just like Sci-fi, Drama, Love and etc and etc.

Say for example, on the Sci-fi category. Now it’s not the trend of visiting the Moon.

3. Have good quality images

How To Sell Ebooks Online
If you are writing a story book. Images are a must. Quality is even more. And who’s gonna talk about the “Front Page”? Front Page’s are the main culprit.

4. Market research

How To Sell Ebooks Online
After you have your e-book ready, now it’s time to do a little bit of research. Not on ebooks but on customers. It’s very important to know “Which customer, buys which book?”. Whether your customers are willing to pay more or less. And setting up your “Price” will be even more difficult.

Now that you are ready for the first sale. It’s time to decide, Where to sell? Well here are 2 best places to sell : 1.Your own blog 2.E-book Market’s.
Which should you choose? I would like to leave it on you .