How To Sell Stock Audios Online

How to sell stock audios online?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to sell stock audios online?, This time, this post is dedicated to Musicians, Audio Developers, Music Lovers etc.
I will be guiding you through the whole process of starting your very own Music Industry.

1. Audio development

How To Sell Stock Audios Online
Much like filming a video. You will have to create your own Audios. It can be of anything. That is Electronic, Acoustic etc.

So here is the main thing. What kind of musics do really sell? The answer is as short as a “Loop”. Aha. a “Loop”. In full definition, it means an Audio file that is very short in length but can be played as a whole music without any kind of break. A high quality “Loop” cannot even be identified as a loop. Those audio clips are of very high quality!
You can find Stock Audio or a Looping Clip almost everywhere. It can be found commonly in “Video Games”. Video Game’s audio sounds very long but it’s actually a very short clip that is being played on and on. So you’ll have to first understand how a loop “Starts” and “Ends”. Only then, you will be capable of moving ahead in your Development Process.

2. Market research

How To Sell Stock Audios Online
You will also have to know about your market. Knowing your market simply means to know your “Customers”. What they really want to buy? And etc and etc.

You can do this by visiting “Shutterstock”. (Or any other stock site) You will see a lot of Audios there. This will really build up the Confidence that you really deserve. And if you click on any audio and check it’s descriptions and all, You will also find all the Sale Numbers, Downloads etc. All in one place!

3. Location

How To Sell Stock Audios Online
Location also has a deep connection with your Customers. You can directly and easily sell your audios in Shutterstock and you will receive Commissions for each sale,. That’s what i really hate,,. You will actually be the one to Receive commissions. A little one’s.

So I would recommend you to increase your budget a little and start selling all through your own Blog. This way you will not only be capable of keeping all the shares but you will also have full control over your Store!