How To Sell Stock Photos Online

How to sell stock photos online?

Yo! Have you got some photography skills? If yes? Why not make some money out of your creativity. You can make money by contributing to one of the biggest Stock Sites around.

Well that’s not the only way. There’s a lot. But here i’ll be talking about Shutterstock. That’s what I like the most. So here are the best methods and the procedure to start making some money and also to to sign up as a contributor.

1. Get yourself a DSLR camera

How To Sell Stock Photos Online
It sure is your first need. After all, no other camera can capture an image the way a DSLR does. Bakwaas!

DSLR’s are going to cost you huge. A DSLR from a top brand like Canon would set you back around ₹25,000-2,50,000. And who’s gonna count about the “Lenses”?
For different types of images, you are going to need different types of lenses. Such as Macro, Telephoto, Wide angle lense and etc and etc. Simply say, different types of “Images” demand different types of “Lenses”.

2. Click some superb shots

How To Sell Stock Photos Online
Sunsets, Sunrise, Crows, Mountains, Rice fields, these are all super common. Stock sites are already filled with these. No guarantee if your’s would ever sell.

3. Choosing your platform

How To Sell Stock Photos Online
Now the most important part of your business it to decide “where to sell”?Man?? There are a ton of stock sites around. You can sell it on stock photo sites like Gettyimages, istockphotos, Shutterstock etc.

Shutterstock will demand you to upload 10 images for approval. Out of that 10, at least 7 must get accepted. This is why you should always research before actually starting any business.

By the way, stock photo sites aren’t the only place where you can sell your stock photos. You can also sell it through your blog. This way you can keep all the shares on your own.