How To Sell Stock Videos Online

How to sell stock videos online?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to sell stock videos online? I have a guide for all the Videographers around. For those who want to sell their videos online. In the places like “ShutterStock”. You can make a hefty amount, all by selling your footage.

1. First up: Get your Gears!

How To Sell Stock Videos Online
Here is a long list of requirements that you’re gonna need. First it’s obvious. A high quality Video Camera, Audio systems which include Microphones, Mixers etc. And you will also have to take care of Lighting too.

Yup, And a whole lot of money. Because you mostly will have to keep travelling here and there. You will also have to carry lot’s of goods in your Backpack. And as usual, “Travel”.

You will also need huge “Storage Drives”. On the basic side, A stock video generally ranges between 3-30 seconds. For those little clips, You will require “TB’s” of storage! I’m Serious. These days the main trend is 4K. If you have a high quality camera, even just 1 Minute of video will eat up anywhere between 700 mb – 1 GB.!
Most stock videos that are attractive are mostly based on “Nature”. Such as “Life of a Plant”. Right ? From the moment when it first Rose up from the soil, to the moment it Bears fruit. This gigantic lengthy video is then fast forwarded to make it sit under 30 Second. This is known as a Time Lapse.

2. Capture some great shots

How To Sell Stock Videos Online
As mentioned earlier. It’s going to be seriously very tough to record a video. Try not to capture some very “Rare” videos. The word “Stock” does not mean something “New” or “Unseen” video. It simply means a short clip, which can be used by other peoples in their particular videos.

Few Videos such as “Birds” flying together or even more common are of those based on the “Sun”. Sunrise And Sunset. You must have seen these clips in the Movies or in some Serials. Those are actually not shot by them, as they are already very busy with their project. So in the easier way, They spent a little money in “Stock Videos” and uses them in their videos.

Nowadays, the most trendy Videos are of those shot “Not by a Man” but an “UAV”.

3. Upload

How To Sell Stock Videos Online
Now that we have our very own Video. It’s now time we make it “Public”. It really feels very special to upload your First content. Just try not to be too quick. Check, check and recheck your videos before uploading. Also try not to upload those videos that contain others Copyrighted Logos, TradeMarks, Properties etc. As you might get banned!

4. Payment

How To Sell Stock Videos OnlineNow you have to know about the price of the Video itself. Picture above will let you know all.
For All the types of footages, you will get paid a complete 30% of the sale price. And when it comes to Payments. Shutterstock pays Via Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill and Bank cheque.

They generally pay between 7th and 15th of the month. And as far as Check Payment goes, they process around the 15th day of the month and send it to your mailing address. So you can expect it to arrive anywhere between 2-5 Weeks.