How To Sell T-Shirt Designs Online

How to sell t-shirt designs online?

Hi there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to sell T-shirt designs online. We will be learning how to actually sell your own T-shirt designs online.
It’s really very true that you can sell your own T-Shirt designs online. So in my rough calculation, It will even be tough to earn a small amount such as ₹25,000 a month.

This is mainly because of Commissions. See the way how this works is, through your designs. That is Sales,. You will receive commissions for every sale. That is how it works.

You first design it, set it up for Vote, Allow it to get printed. That’s how your income will have a Start. Here are some basic tips and advices for your little Design Business.

1. Trendy ideas

How To Sell T-Shirt Designs Online
The more prints, The more Sales, The more Cash!
First up! to be honest, I seriously don’t know a lot about this Business. Primarily because i’m not Interested here. But how can i leave my blog without a How-To guide?

But what i do know is the Trend! Yes it is, . Why would someone actually want to buy a T-Shirt which has an “Outdated Design”?
Nowadays the most common trend here in India is obviously “Adidas” and “Nike”. Those almost Designless Shirts which just has a Logo in the Centre. Obviously, you cannot design anything this way. You will have to design for a blank A4 sized shirt. Just say a shirt with a Portrait A4 sized design in the front. This is how actually T-shirt designs work. More ideas can be found on T-shirt store. That is Zazzle, Spreadshirt, cafepress etc.

2. A little bit of a pro touch

How To Sell T-Shirt Designs Online
In order to receive maximum sales, You will first have to understand your Customers. To do that, just visit all the sites above and “Explore”.
There you will get to see all the Shares, Sales, Ratings etc. Don’t use this feature for satisfaction. Use it as a Tool to increase your Business Capability.

3. Places to sell

How To Sell T-Shirt Designs Online
Mentioned earlier. You can sell your own T-shirt designs online in almost every T-Shirt markets. Such as, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, CafePress, Teespring etc.

Or, You can also sell it all through your own Blog too. Or why not do all the printings all by yourself, Invest a little bit more and sell it on Amazon? This way you can have a higher Scope of earnings. But this will obviously increase a lot of Pressures. Business Pressures!, to be fair.