How to Sell Video Games Online

How to sell video games online?

If You are a developer, A Video Game developer. Here is how you can make a living through your developments. Well, here is a guide and a little bit of additional tips for you to sell your very own video games online. Hence the title “ How to sell video games online? ”.

1.So the very first is “Decision”.

How to Sell Video Games Online

Whether to sell it for Android users, iOS users, Windows , Mac and or some consoles like Playstation, Xbox etc. All are a very good choice but al does come packed with tons of Goods and Bads.

If you are a newbie , try not selling your first game. Monetizing it will be a new lesson and also a new and an important experience for your business.

2.Decision again

How to Sell Video Games Online

It’s again time for you to think and decide on which category, for which type of gamer, for which device etc. This are all crucial in starting your business successfully. If you have friends who would like to contribute on your business. It would be easy and helpful for you all to plan and work ahead.

That way you can have support all throughout your business. Including : Development, Finance, Research etc.

3.Know how a video game generates money

How to Sell Video Games Online

As, Usual. Selling Your Game Cannot be the only way to make money. There are other several profitable ways to make money online. Here’s a brief Explanation:

a. Monetization

Speaking of Monetization. You must have seen ads on on all the free games available on the market. Every time you complete a mission, Every time a new chapter loads, every moment you die , and list goes on and on. Actually , i truly believe, the monetization process of Apps to be the same as of Blogs.

b. In-App Purchases

This is just a purchase which a gamer makes. And every time a gamer makes a purchase, Money gets credited into the developers Account. Mostly Weapons and Customizations.


How to Sell Video Games Online

So now it’s like, where to Sell?

iOS App Store or Google Play store? Or make some DVDs? And How about Selling online?.

Every one above has their own Goods and Bads. Simply say, If you are planning to monetize your game – Go For Android. And if you plan to sell your game, Go For iOS.