How To Sell Websites Online

How to sell websites online?

Hello , Dear readers . I am about to complete 30 posts in the category Economy. This is online 29th if i’m right. Having said that . The title for this post is “ How to sell websites online? ”. Yes it is . It’s another How-To guide by the very best “John”. You can also say Daimary John, LOL. Moving on to our topic. Here’s How to sell websites online? .

1.Know which websites sell

How To Sell Websites Online

So the very first is to know “Which Websites do really Sell?” It’s important.

Well, here it is , According to my professional research . I found that most websites which are out for sale are all based on business. Meaning a blog or a website which is already having it’s own sources of income.. Or at least a Decent one.

While my research, I could notice Blogs which are already approved by Google Adsense, Wordads etc. Just what i mentioned earlier. Your website should be generating at least a $100 a month. This is the minimum.

2. Sign up for Flippa.

How To Sell Websites Online

Now that you know about a website business. Now that you have your blog ready for sale. It’s now time to set up a price.. Oh, by the way , I forgot to mention about Domain. You cannot sell a website with a subdomain. You need to have a custom domain and must have all the necessary updates. SSL would be an add-on.

For a typical $100 a month website. I would recommend , not to be Priced above 500 dollars.