How to sell WordPress Plugins

How to sell WordPress Plugins?

Hello all.. Welcome back to Ordinary Office. I’ve previously written an article on How to sell WordPress themes online?. In Addition to it, I have now successfully written this next article which is on “ How to sell WordPress Plugins?” . Not only will you learn about how to sell WordPress plugins online but you will also learn learn about all the possible ways that you can use to make money as a Plugin Developer,.,


How to sell WordPress Plugins

A direct sell . So you can sell your Plugins directly through your Blog or Website.You can make different different packages with different capabilities and Functionalities. And you can sell your plugins successfully.


How to sell WordPress Plugins

So you can do the one above or you can make your plugins available for free and Monetize your plugin. You know. Both the methods contain both Good and Bad features. All you gotta do is “Research”

Hey?? How about a plugin out for test.? This would be a great way to learn about, both your Customers and your Plugin Business.

3.WP Tradition

How to sell WordPress Plugins

Or what you can do is “Follow Other Developers”. One Fine, Common way of making money for almost all developers is “Offer it for free with limited features” and “Charge for additional features”.

You can try all of the above or you can also make your plugin completely free and ask for Donations. And you can easily set up a PayPal Donation button on your site. I believe i will soon be writing a post on this too.