How To Sell WordPress Themes

How to sell WordPress themes?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, How to sell WordPress themes? I will guide you through all the important “Needs” and “Procedures”, so that you can be “Focused” towards your business.

1. Know your market

How To Sell WordPress Themes
Most importantly “Price”. Never believe that you can earn Lacs for a theme.

Till date, the most advanced theme that I’ve seen for WP is undoubtedly “Divi”. Designed by “Elegant Themes”. Man, I will surely buy this in a later stage. The whole package costs around ₹15,000.

It comes with preloaded super “Drag & Drop” capability and it also comes packed with divi “Plugins” too.

Now imagine your plugin to be priced at around ₹25,000-50,000… hmm?

Many developers start at just $1. That is roughly around ₹66. So the main challenge would obviously be to “Set the correct Price”.

2. Know your design

How To Sell WordPress Themes
You will also have to be the judge of your own theme. Ask yourself if your theme is designed for photographers, videographers, bloggers, business, or say magazines or even an e store.

Different topic, different category. Demands different Theme.

3. Market your theme

How To Sell WordPress Themes
Now that you have your theme ready, It’s now time to let all know about your theme.

In my preference, I would strongly recommend you to advertise your product on YouTube. This will cost you a reasonable amount. Plus, you will be capable of reaching the right audience. By the way, Divi did the same, and that’s how I came to know about Divi.

4. Sell

How To Sell WordPress ThemesSo the very basic point. Question actually. Where would you sell your theme?

You can sell it on the popular sites such as Theme Forest. Or, in my best advice. I would straightly suggest you to sell your themes on your own blog. This way, not only can you keep all the shares. But you will also have full control over your theme. But you will also have to do the most work and most importantly, Funding.

If you can beat all the difficulties in your business, Success! Success! and Success!