How To Start An Online Business?

Hey there !! This is “John Daimary” . And welcome to this guide on “How To Start An Online Business?” .This guide will will cover up on all the “Needs” to start an online business.Your business can be anything. It can be an “E-commerce store”, “Software service”, “Blog”, “ Vlog ” and pretty much everything. No matter what type of online business are you planning for , The needs are almost same for all. Well here’s an overview of all the needs and also How To Start An Online Business .

1. Base Needs

How To Start An Online Business

So the first thing you will need is a “PC”. That’s how you will be capable of both “Starting” your business and “Running” your business.

Try to get a top grade PC. In my suggestion. I would suggest you to get a PC with at least an “i7 processor” and at least 8 Gigs of RAM. This are all very important for both your PC and for your business too. And if you are planning to start a ‘Vlog” , A top grade “Nvidia Graphics card” is a must.! And what about an internet connection?

2. PayPal Account

How To Start An Online Business

Or should i say ,”PayPal business Account” ? Let me differentiate the two.

PayPal Individual Account – These days it’s commonly being known as a “Shoppers” account. This type of accounts are mostly for peoples like “Me”. For like a, Common international “Shopping” and a little bit for “Receiving” overseas payments. That’s all.

PayPal Business Account – Now this is mainly for selling your products online. Just like what happens when you visit an Online store like “BlueHost”. There you get payment options like “Credit cards” and “PayPal” Too. So this way , You can enable PayPal payment button on your blog so that people can pay you with ease.

3. Website

How To Start An Online Business

No Business can really survive without a “Website” . And when it’s an online? Then?

If you are planning for an Ecommerce store , you will need a Website. Planning for a Music site? You will need a Website. There actually is no way of escaping from this .

4. Business Email

How To Start An Online Business

Once you’ve created your own website. You can now have multiple or infinite “Emails” for your business . It looks something like this: So my blog is “” . Now I can create an Email like “” or something like “” . Looks nice? Oh yeah.! You can apply for premium business Emails at Bluehost!

5.- Others

How To Start An Online Business

Just like everything above. You will need to do a lot of work before you can actually start your very own business. More “Needs” such as “Stock Photos/videos/Audios”, “Backups”, “SSL Certificate”, “Paid SEO” , “Marketing” etc. Just make sure to research well before starting your business.


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