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How to generate and submit Sitemaps to Google Search Console?

Hey there! This is Daimary John and in this post, How to generate and submit Sitemaps to Google Search Console?. I will teach you how to generate a XML Sitemap for WordPress using Yoast SEO and at the same time, I will also teach you how to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console.

How to generate a XML Sitemap for WordPress?

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So first. Let’s just get to know how we can generate a XML file with Yoast so that we can Submit it to Google Search Console. There actually is no direct procedure for this. There is no dedicated button that will display all the Sitemaps for you. So i will show you how you can view the all the Sitemaps if you have Yoast SEO installed.

1. Click on SEO.

2. Click on General>Features

3. Now you will get to see all the features of Yoast SEO. There are SEO Analysis, Readability Analysis, Cornerstone Content, Rext link Counter and then we have the XML Sitemaps.

4. As you can see it’s”On” but there is no other button like “View Sitemaps” or “Display Sitemaps”. But we do get to see a “?” on the right side of XML Sitemaps.

5. Click on “?” And click on see the XML Sitemaps.

Yost SEO XML Sitemap

6. Now you will get to see a lot of Sitemaps. It looks something like this.

Yoast SEO XML Sitemaps

So that is how you can generate a XML Sitemap file for your WordPress blog. So from the list of all of the Sitemaps. The main are the post and the page Sitemap.

Now that we know how to generate a XML Sitemap for WordPress. It’s now time to add those Sitemaps to Google Search Console so that Google can index our site even more faster.

Image Source: Yoast SEO

How to submit Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Index Status

Now let’s learn how to submit our Sitemaps to Google Search Console. So first. You will have to understand how to copy the XML Sitemap itself.

The Sitemap example that i have shown above is the actual sitemap of my site. So in order to submit my Sitemap to Search Console. I will just have to copy what’s after “” and then paste it in Google Search Console.

Here is a detailed guide to help you submit your Sitemap.

1. Log in to Google Search Console.

2. On the Dashboard.

3. Click on Sitemaps.

4. Click on Add/Test Sitemap on the right hand side, under a red button.

5. Paste the Sitemap and click on Test. This way we can ensure that the sitemap is working super fine.

6. Once the test is completed successfully. You will get an option to view the test results.

7. Now you will get to see all the links and the images which fall under the category post.xml . If everything is okay. You may close the test and Submit the XML file.

Image Source: Google Search Console

Okay! So now we have successfully submitted our XML Sitemaps to Google Search Console. You might get a solid result right next day. And one very common question regarding Sitemap is that:

Will I have to resubmit Sitemap every time I publish a new post/page?

The answer is NO. Everything happens automatically and the sitemap gets updated all by itself. Once submitted. There are no other work to be done apart from monitoring your Sitemap statistics.

That’s all for now. And i hope you’ve learnt how to generate a XML Sitemap for your WordPress site. And also how to submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console. You can check out more posts available for Google Search Console. And we can always stay connected through my Facebook Page.

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