Important Plugins For WordPress

Important plugins for WordPress

Hey there all, this is John and I have this post which is all based on the important plugins for WordPress users. It’s good if you have installed all. This is just a basic list of all the important and or super plugins that are currently available for WordPress users. So lets jump right into our post: Important Plugins For WordPress.

1. Slimstat StatisticsImportant Plugins For WordPress

Starting off with this. By default. There actually are no “Stats” for users. One has to install it manually. Once a person types stats in the “Plugin Search Bar”. There are hundreds of plugins displayed. Now which one should you choose?

Personally, I don’t use any kind of extra plugin for “Stats”, All because i don’t like the interface, Firstly. Secondly, I don’t want my Dashboard to be filled with Add-Ons. But yes, If you want a whole lot to be displayed right in your dashboard, Try looking for Slimstat. It’s free to use with limited features. It is obviously one that can be compared with Google Analytics.

2. Contact FormsImportant Plugins For WordPress

Do you know what this is? Or have you checked out my “Contact” Page? You will get to see a form in there. Once you fill it up, Your messages will be delivered to me safely. These are not done by me. I use this plugin called “Contact Forms”. I just need to click a button and do a little bit of settings. That’s it. It’s a one, Must have plugin for all types of Bloggers.


3. Loginizer

Important Plugins For WordPress

This should have actually been on the first. Man, I am advising you to use it, Knowing i do not use it. Seriously Not. By mistake, I once set Loginizer for just “One Trial” before lockout. And even the lockout time was 24 Hours! Man! I just tried if this would ever work, and It did work. But i had to wait for a complete 24 hours before having a second attempt. Once i could enter my dashboard, I straightly Deactivated this plugin.

But one thing that i really like about this plugin is that, “It really works”. And you can also monitor your /wp-admin section. Loginizer displays Tons of Infos. And you also have the option to Block IP addresses. It’s a whole lot of technology to ask for, and it’s even Free.

4. Yoast SEOImportant Plugins For WordPress

Aha,. One of my favourite . I love to see that green light on all my Posts.

Well actually these days, Search Engines don’t really rely on typical SEO way. But still i use Yoast. After all, I have full control over my Snippet and Yoast always guides me along with my posts.  It’s great.

5. JetpackImportant Plugins For WordPress

Now we have Jetpack. The official plugin developed by Automattic them self. It’s an all in one Plugin. This plugin can be used for SEO, Backup, Security etc. But i personally use it only for one reason. And that is to connect my (.org) site to (.com). You heard that right. I never thought this to be even possible. Now i can access my blog through (.com) and the stats on the (.com) are much more nicer and it’s a lot cleaner.