How to add Texts in KineMaster | Video Editing Tutorial

A Step by Step tutorial to help you learn How to add Texts in your clips in KineMaster Pro Video Editor.

Hello There! Daimary John here. And welcome to “Ordinary Office”. In this article, “Texts in KineMaster”. We will learn,

  • What is Texts in KineMaster?
  • What are the adjustment options of Texts in KineMaster? And,
  • How to add Texts in KineMaster?

What is Texts in KineMaster?

“Text” tool in KineMaster allows you to add texts to your clips.

KineMaster Text Tool Editing Adjustments

You can add texts to your clips by using the KineMaster Text Tool with ease. You get the option to choose any font you like from the already available presets.

KineMaster Text Tool Fonts

You get a total of 38 fonts in KineMaster. Out of which 23 are “Android Fonts”, where as the rest are “Latin Fonts”. Let us get to know about the fonts in KineMaster in the list provided below;


  • Dancing Script Regular
  • Dancing Script Bold
  • Droid Sans Mono
  • Noto Serif Regular
  • Noto Serif Bold
  • Noto Serif Italic
  • Noto Serif Bold Italic
  • Roboto Thin
  • Roboto Light
  • Roboto Regular
  • Roboto Medium
  • Roboto Bold
  • Roboto Black
  • Roboto Thin Italic
  • Roboto Light Italic
  • Roboto Regular Italic
  • Roboto Medium Italic
  • Roboto Bold Italic
  • Roboto Black Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Regular
  • Roboto Condensed Bold
  • Roboto Condensed Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Bold Italic


  • Bevan
  • Creepster
  • Great Vibes
  • Junction
  • Knewave
  • Latin Bold
  • League Gothic
  • League Script
  • Linden Hill
  • Orbitron Medium
  • Orbitron Bold
  • Raleway Thin
  • Redressed
  • Sniglet
  • Sorts Mill Goudy Italic

Those were one of the examples of the available fonts in KineMaster. Well the list above contains information about only the “Free” fonts and not the paid one.

If you have a KineMaster Subscription. Be it Monthly or Annually subscriptions, you will have access to even more better Fonts in almost infinite number.

What are the adjustment options of Texts in KineMaster?

You can add styles, Animations, you can basically design your texts the way you want with KineMaster.

Let us get to know more about the adjustments in KineMaster.

Text Adjustments

You can choose any font of your desired choice. You can then add colour, shadow, you can adjust the opacity etc of your texts.

KineMaster Text Tool Colours

You can also align your text Left, Right or Center. And also, you can also drag your text Left or right or increase the size or decrease the size of the text by stretching the text.


Animations are a great way to tell a story. You can add text animations such as Fade In, Out. Slide up, down etc.

KineMaster Text Tool Animations

Once you have added the choice of your animation styles. You can then even adjust the speed of the animation by adjusting the time.

How to add texts in KineMaster?

In order to add texts in KineMaster Pro Video Editor. Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open KineMaster along with your clips.

KineMaster Text Tool editing Interface

Step 2 : Tap on Layer>Text.

KineMaster Text Tool Layers

You will now be asked to enter your text.

KineMaster Text Tool Adding Texts

Just type in the word you want and tap on the top right check mark (√) to enter your text.

Step 3 : Now do all the necessary adjustments such as Animations, Colour, Styles etc.

KineMaster Text Tool Hello

As mentioned earlier in this article. You can basically customize your texts the way you prefer.

Once you are done adjusting your texts. Tap on the top right check mark (√) to save your progress.

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