Online Businesses to be Avoided

Online businesses to be avoided

Hello All,. I am very fond of businesses. In Fact, I almost tried out all the possible ways to make money online. While i did that, I found some to be totally Fake! Totally useless of signing up. So i thought of writing this post “ Online businesses to be avoided ”.


Online Businesses to be Avoided

So on the first is the very popular: “ Survey” . Almost every blog includes Surveys as an Easy Method of making money online. I did too.  Without knowing how Useless Dirt it is. They pay very little, just like 1-2 Cents each.

Make sure not to fall in this trap. It’s totally a joke that you can make money by just answering some questions. I’ve spent like a week in this and i did manage to make some money. That was a giant 28 Cents in total..! LOL

2. PTC Sites

Online Businesses to be Avoided

One More Dirt. You must have all read about posts saying: “ Earn for every Ad you View ” .

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! When people are dying to feed themselves and their family’s. How can you make money by just viewing an Ad?

If you work here for around a month , You make $1.5 ! That is around Rs 60 – Rs 90 . The true Power of Easy Money Online.

3. Earn For every search you do.!

Online Businesses to be Avoided

LoL… Every time you make a Search, You make Money!!! Great~!!! Or earn by just browsing the internet!! Aren’t those Great!??

Make sure you don’t fall in this trap. There is no such easy way to make money on earth.