SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Hello there! This is Daimary John and welcome to my page on Search Engine Optimization. I have written this top class, easy to read tutorials for you to help you master your SEO skills.

I have included all types of SEO procedures such as, Keywords, Google Search Console, Yoast SEO and pretty much everything. Everything that can help you improve your SEO performance.

So let’s first get to know

What is SEO and or Search Engine Optimization?

Once you get comfortable with SEO. We can move ahead and learn more about SEO. There actually are a lot of ways to actually SEO your blog. So i have written tons on Guides for you.

As my blog is made using WP and inlove WP. So first up. A post for WP users to help you SEO your WordPress blog.

How to SEO your WordPress blog?

Now we can move ahead and learn more ways to SEO your blog. Including Search Console too.

How to use social media as a part of SEO

How to SEO your WordPress blog

What is SEO

Google Search Console

Google search Console

adding  and verifying a site

Google search Console analytics

Google Search Console fetch and request Indexing