(1) What is Bluehost Cloud Server?

ServerA Cloud Server basically is , it’s almost as same as a Shared Server. That is , Multiple sites being hosted at the same time. But the key difference between a Shared and a Cloud is simply “Resources”. On..

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(2) What is Bluehost Shared Server?

ServerMuch like an Apple and a Banana, hosting Servers are all very different. One is focused in This , while other is focused in That. So what exactly is a “Shared Server”? The Answer is “Shared”. A Server which is shared ..

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(3) What Is Bluehost Dedicated Server?

ServerA Dedicated server is not a Flat. It’s a complete HOUSE! All in your name.Dedicated server does not belong to all, It’s only targeted to few people who demand to have all in their Name. With Root Access, cPanel and even..

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(4) What is Bluehost Optimized Hosting For WordPress?

ServerOptimized Hosting For WordPress is a special Package developed by Bluehost . It comes bundled with all the Goods that are necessary to run a successful …

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(5) What Is BlueHost VPS Server?

ServerVPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Forget Virtual and focus on “Private Server”. This will itself clear all of your doubts. If this tip didn’t work for you, Let’s ….

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