What is an SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate or a Secure Socket Layer protocol protects, “You” and “Your” Clients data from hackers. Simply say, it is responsible for making safe communication between the browser and a Server. Or, It also protects your data by the process of encryption and secures your overall data.
SSL Certificates were primarily used to secure Credit Card details when making an online transaction. Nowadays, SSL Certificates are even more important for e-commerce sites and mainly those sites that deal with a lot of informations and data. Such as Customers profile, Financial Information’s, Passwords etc.
Apart from all of the above, below are few benefits of installing an SSL Certificate on your site

1. Increases your site’s reputation

What is an SSL Certificate

After all, nowadays almost everybody knows “Where” and “Why” to enter a data. Be it personal or a financial. Just imagine an e-commerce site without an SSL. Lol

SSL also adds up that extra fine look to a site’s URL.

2. Plays a crucial role in your business

What is an SSL Certificate

Be it for SEO or even for data protection, an SSL is a must. And for an e-commerce store, it’s even more! You see, nowadays “Browsers” do not allow anybody to enter any data on an unsecured website. You will see a notification asking you “Not to enter any data on the site”.

3. Helps you get more customers

What is an SSL CertificateNow let’s bring an e-commerce store back. Look, we all know that “Amazon” or “Flipkart” aren’t the only players around. There are millions of e stores as of today. And there’s more being built each day! You are also having one, but without any SSL. Lol

It’s even more important for start ups. Even if you have superb collection of goods, still people will hesitate to buy it. Mainly because they fear if their financial details could be stolen. And even more worse, even if they want to, browsers won’t allow them to.