What is Bluehost Cloud Server?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, What s Bluehost Cloud Server. I will give you some knowledge about a “Cloud Server”.

I will include everything about a Cloud Server, its goods, Working’s, Structure, Benefits etc. So lets get to know What is Bluehost Cloud Server?

Cloud Server

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
A Cloud Server basically is, it’s almost as same as a Shared Server. That is, multiple sites being hosted at the same time. But the key difference between a Shared and a Cloud is simply “Resources”.

On the Shared Server, One Server Serves Multiple Websites. Cloud Servers work the opposite way. Cloud Server consists of a Network of Resources that works together in order to deliver “Maximum”. In other words, the result would be 10 servers connected together to Host Multiple Websites.

Here are some really good benefits of owning a Bluehost Cloud Server:

1. Speed

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
Now that we know, a blog and or a Website isn’t served with a single server. It’s okay to say that it’s Fast. In Fact, it really is very fast. My blog is not hosted on the top model. Mine is Quad Core variant. It came with 4 GB of RAM and yeah , 4 CPU cores and also, it supports Multiple Domains too.

Mine was actually an Indian server. So for Indians and all the nearby’s, I am sure my blog is fast enough to save your valuable time. I wonder how US visitors feel about my blog’s performance?

2. Options

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
Picture above is what i was actually talking about. As you can see, there are 3 main packs. You get Dual, Quad, and Hexa core packages. I believe for most bloggers, the Dual core version would work just fine. Unless you’re planning to fill up your blog with tons of Posts, Pages and or Videos.

Apart from all of the above , what i really like about Bluehost’s Cloud Servers is that, You get the option to pay monthly!

3. Upgrades

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
You can also upgrade your package to a higher capacity. That is, You can add additional RAM and CPU cores.

4. Reliability

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
The primary reason why i chose Bluehost is this: Super Secured Servers and Bluehost also offers 24×7 support over Phone, Live Chat and Mail too. That’s not only it, your data is mirrored across 3 Drives! Making it super Secure in case of Hardware failures etc. What more to ask?

5. No Viral flu’s

What is Bluehost Cloud Server
I always believe in Viral posts. Which i don’t have at the moment :p. But in a couple of years, I might have one that would bring me Millions of visitors a month!

Now that’s why I love Cloud Servers so much. You don’t have to worry about any kind of system failures caused due to excessive traffic.

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