What is Bluehost Shared Server?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, What is Bluehost Shared Server. You will get to know about a Shared Server and not only about what is a shared server.

I will also tell you about all the goods and bads of a Shared Server. So that you can make the right purchase.

Shared Server

What is Bluehost Shared Server
Much like an Apple and a Banana, hosting Servers are all very different. One is focused in this, while other is focused in that. So what exactly is a “Shared Server”? The answer is “Shared”. A Server which is shared with other Users. Let’s say 1 Server, 1000 Websites. Got it?

In order to understand it even more deeply, let us all visit an apartment building for a while. Just the way you stay there with other tenants and you share resources, such as Parking space, Terrace, Playground etc. So now let’s go back to the server. So for example- A server is almost as same as a normal PC, who has a RAM, Processor, OS etc. Now all of this, It will be shared with all the other buyers who would purchase the same Package. So it’s obvious for this type of Hosting to have a lot of bad’s. The main is without doubt “Performance”. If one blog uses all the resources heavily, you get the pain. On the vise Versa, If your blog gets all the attention, others get the pain.

Never the less, here are some really good benefits of Bluehost Shared Server.

1. Cheap

What is Bluehost Shared Server?
As a Server is Shared, so is the price. It is very cheap to buy a Shared Server and most importantly, Bluehost has a lot of different packages for different needs. Shared Servers is a very economical way to host a website.

2. 24×7 Support

What is Bluehost Shared Server?
One reason why i love Bluehost is undoubtedly their support! You can contact them in any kinds of needs. They are available over the phone, mail and also live chat!

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