What is Bluehost VPS Server?

Hey there! this is Daimary John and in this post, What s Bluehost VPS Server. I will guide you through all the Goods and functions of a VPS server.

VPS Server

What is Bluehost Optimized Hosting for WordPress

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Forget Virtual and focus on “Private Server”. This will itself clear all of your doubts.

If this tip didn’t work for you, let’s just visit an Apartment Building again. Once you buy a Flat, you get your own space and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

In the world of hosting. It’s just the same. A Big gigantic server with a little space in your “Name”. understood? It’s actually a server where only 1 blog is hosted and that’s probably your’s.

Here are few really good benefits of a VPS Server.

1. Options

What Is BlueHost VPS Server
First is obviously “Options”. You know, I really thought of VPS costing around ₹20,000 – 25,000 p.m.! But it actually isn’t. It’s really very cheap, considering how good it is. Picture above will prove all. And most importantly “Monthly Payments”. A must have feature.

2. Pre-Installed softwares

What Is BlueHost VPS Server
All the VPS packages comes with cPanel and Cent OS pre-installed. My Cloud server came with cPanel pre-installed. This is actually an App like which you can use to have full control over your server. You can add emails, Codes, Check your Server’s Statistics etc. And this is the place where WordPress has to be awakened.

3. Privacy

What is Bluehost VPS Server
Hmm. This is seriously a private matter. Your server is completely yours. Yours means your’s. Your server will be having it’s own resources and it has been configured independently from other Virtual Servers so you won’t be affected by other users sharing the Actual Server.

4. Add-ons

What is Bluehost VPS Server
Again, you can add more resources to your Server and make it more successful. More RAM, More CPU and also additional SAN storage.

5. Security

What is Bluehost VPS Server
I truly believe VPS to be ideal for mostly Companies. As they have a lot of Files and Customers Information’s Stored. As only one user has access to the Server, Data stays safe.

6. Root access

What is Bluehost VPS Server
This is not a baby game. Handling a Server would demand you to be a pro. If you are not a PRO, Don’t you dare access this section! By Order Of Law

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